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Professional Services for Public Relations Firms

Professional Services for Public Relations Firms


Comms Factory works with many small PR firms and solo PR practitioners, serving as an extra pair of helping hands. We write press releases for you to save you time. We help you meet tight deadlines when you’re overloaded with work. We are always anonymous. No one knows we’re working for you except you. We also help with media outreach. We can put together large media contact lists using the Muck Rack platform and reach out to hundreds of reporters on your behalf. We have a good track record of success in this regard. Contact us for examples and references.


SPECIAL OFFER – Plus, here’s a special offer for our SEO press release write/distribute service. Normally, it’s $199. It’s yours now for just $47. https://commsfactory.net/product/seo-press-release-write-distribute-package-special-offer/

FREE EBOOK – Download my free eBook “Stop Being Invisible: Take your business to the next level with a tested and proven $2 billion public relations strategy” – https://0xy48gnsxdrj.swipepages.net/


FREE PRESS RELEASE WRITING COURSE – https://commsfactory.net/discover-the-exact-process-to-get-your-business-featured-in-the-media/

TALK TO ME: Email me at hugh@hughtaylor.com or book a 15-minute free PR consultation at https://calendly.com/hughta/15min


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