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Do you want your business to get the spotlight?

The right PR strategy can get your business featured in the media. That creates tons of free advertising and enhances the value of your brand in the eyes of potential customers and partners.

The problem? PR is a world with its own rules. And if you don’t know where to start you’ll lose golden opportunities… and get stuck watching your competition get the spotlight instead.

Today you can learn the exact method, process, and templates we at Comms Factory use to write press releases that work and get it to the right publications.

Get $2 Billion In PR Advice, For Free…

Hi, I’m Hugh Taylor, CEO of Comms Factory. I have 20 years of experience in public relations, including overseeing PR for a $2 billion product line at Microsoft and several Silicon Valley startups.
In the last five years, here at Comms Factory, we have written over 3,000 press releases for entrepreneurs, small businesses, authors, musicians, and more. No matter your business, we can help you get featured on the right media. Today, I’ll teach you the exact process we follow to do it.

In This Free Course Of Less Than One Hour, You Will Learn…

  • How the media landscape has changed (and why it can be a great thing for you to get PR that actually drums up new business!)
  • Why you need to be careful about the timing and cadence of your press releases — or risk your business looking “dead” to potential customers.
  • The one element every press release NEEDS that most people forget about… wasting their time with press releases that don’t work!
  • How to structure your press release so that it follows the “unwritten rules” of the field, making it as journalist-friendly as you can.
  • The full process to follow to find the right publications and get journalists to write about your press release.
  • BONUS: A full set of worksheets and templates to jumpstart your press release writing process and create releases that get attention.
  • BONUS: The Secrets of Free Publicity ebook, choke-full of ideas to get your name out there without spending any money!

What Our Students Say:

“I just completed Comms Factory’s ‘How to Write a Great Press Release’ mini-course. Hugh laid out the press release strategy and methodology so simply and clearly. He included insights you only can get when someone has worked with the media — and has had great success. He teaches you to think like the reporter and present your lede in a way that they can appreciate. I’m excited to be able to add this to my list of services for my clients.” – JtaoidSlptaconunsffaorryile d16

Get $2 Billion In PR Advice, For Free…

Sign up for this FREE mini-course to learn the same principles we used to write over 3,000 press releases

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