Can You Publish My Article in the New York Times? 3 Things to Know

People frequently ask me, “Can you publish an article about me in the Wall Street Journal?” or “Can you publish an article I wrote in the New York Times or on Yahoo News?” The fast answer is, “No.” This video takes the question a little further, sharing three things you should know about what it […]

5 Reasons Your Might Need a Full-Service Public Relations Firm

If you’re trying to figure out the best way to get media exposure for your business, chances are you’re hearing some confusing and potentially contradictory advice about hiring a public relations firm. Some might say that the traditional practice of retaining a full-service PR firm is old fashioned and no longer necessary. However, while many […]

Public Relations Tips and Tricks – Part II: Nailing the Media Hook

Do reporters want to hear your story? Yes and no. Reporters do need great stories and sources. However, they’re also absolutely overwhelmed with media pitches – they may get hundreds every day. How can you stand out? How can you get a reporter’s attention? This video explains how to create an effective “media hook,” an […]

Public Relations Tips and Tricks – Part I: Forbidden Topics

Certain topics are off limits for press release distribution. These include adult subjects, supplements, gambling, guns and more. For a variety of reasons, the news sites that syndicate press releases will not allow press releases on these topics. In this public relations tips and tricks video, Hugh Taylor of Comms Factory explains what this means, […]

Public Relations Do’s and Don’ts – Part I

What does it take to do PR the right way? This video kicks off a series of public relations do’s and don’ts—offering tips on what to do if you want to get (the right kind) of media coverage, and what to avoid.

Public Relations Strategies: Landing the Pitch

Public relations should follow a strategy. This means aligning your PR process and spending with a clear set of business objectives. This video provides an overview of public relations strategies, focusing on the key execution tactic of landing the media pitch.

Public Relations Basics: The Segment Query

Ever wonder how authors and businesses get on radio and TV? Sometimes, like if you’re very newsworthy, they will call you. Most of the time, though, you have to call them. You can get on radio and TV if you have an idea for a segment that’s interesting to a show’s audience. This means preparing […]

Press Release Distribution: 5 Things You Need to Know

press release distribution

Press release distribution can be a powerful tool in your marketing and PR arsenals. However, it is not well understood, and unfortunately there’s a lot of vendor hype (and sometimes even misleading promotion) around press release distribution. To help you become a well-educated consumer of press release distribution services, in this video I offer 5 […]

Startup Public Relations: 5 Things to Know

What does it take to do startup public relations right? Here are five tips from Hugh Taylor, CEO of Comms Factory, who has done PR for startups backed by such major venture funds as Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Redpoint Ventures. In this video, Taylor talks about the value of waiting until you’re ready, building your […]