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Press Releases for the Music Business

I get asked a lot about doing press releases for musical acts and other music industry businesses. I think this is an important topic because there is a fair amount of misinformation out there, a lot of well-intentioned advice like “You have to write a press release for your band!” that may not be right for y our specific situation. This video tries to break down what works and what doesn’t. And, I point out some of the unfair realities of PR for music: the same dynamics that make it hard to break through with audiences make it hard to get media attention. That said, there are better and worse ways to go about it.


Examples of media coverage we have gotten for clients, including those in the music industry: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W3igf1XHYfxwPjt0nq07eg30qJry-Gq3g60xCsoNoP0/edit 


Downloadable example of a music industry press release


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