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Comms Factory is a corporate communications resource for entrepreneurs of all kinds. We are a team of experienced corporate communications professionals that offers a range of public relations and content marketing services. Our goal is to enable our clients to promote themselves in multiple media outlets as economically as possible.

We specialize in press release writing, press release distribution and media outreach services. Our proven process involves first getting to understand your business and public relations goals. We then write a press release or media outreach “pitch” that aligns with your overall marketing strategy. With this approach, we have helped many entrepreneurs get covered by the news media.

Client success stories include:

  • Being featured in an article on a news site or newspaper
  • Being the subject of a segment on television news or radio
  • Being interviewed by bloggers and podcasters
  • Serving as a “go to” source who is quoted in articles
  • Having press releases picked up by major news outlets

Disrupting the Public Relations Industry

Comms Factory is disrupting the public relations industry. We’re working against the “conventional wisdom” that you have to shell out thousands of dollars a month to retain a public relations firm to get media coverage. Though there is nothing wrong with retained PR firms, the “conventional wisdom” is wrong. You can get media attention without spending a lot of money.

We started Comms Factory to help small businesses and entrepreneurs—as well as authors, musicians, filmmakers and artists—access the kind of professional public relations services that were once only available to major corporations. The company’s approach is based on founder and CEO Hugh Taylor’s experience running PR for a $2 billion product in the Fortune 50. In that role, he had command of a million-dollar budget and a dedicated 5-person agency team. With Comms Factory, Taylor is bringing that kind of high-level professional public relations service to small businesses in affordable packages.

Building Off of Our Success on Freelancer Platforms

Taylor built Comms Factory off the success he enjoyed as a freelancer on gig platforms, where he has written over 3,000 press releases and earned more than 1,000 five-star ratings for his work. In his content-writing practice, Taylor has created marketing content for such clients as Microsoft, IBM, SAP, Google, Advanced Micro Devices, and Lockheed Martin. He is the author of multiple books on technology and business. In addition, Taylor has consulted with dozens of entrepreneurs and crafted business plans that have helped these new ventures get funded. He earned his AB magna cum laude from Harvard College in 1988 and his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1992. He lives in Cleveland, Ohio.

An Experienced Team

The Comms Factory team consists of former journalists and editors with many years of experience writing press releases. As reporters, they know how to find the compelling news story in each customer’s marketing message. Our team knows public relations for small business.


Let’s Talk

How can we help you get the publicity you need to build your business? Let us work with you to get you exposure in the news media. Contact us for a free consultation.

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