Dealing with Forbidden Topics in Public Relations

Ready for some serious PR truth bombs? In this article, you will learn all about what you can and cannot say in the world of public relations. Let us start with a scenario: Imagine that a business has all the specs: a market-leading product, an awesome team that is passionate about the company’s mission, service […]

HARO: A Useful and Important PR Tool

Meet HARO; it’s like a press release but flipped in reverse. HARO (or Help A Reporter Out) is a free online subscription service that connects reporters with PR teams and experts. HARO (at is run by Cision, the company that operates the PR Newswire press release distribution business and the Cision media database service. […]

Public Relations Strategies: Landing the Pitch

When navigating public relations, it’s a good idea to have a clear strategy and follow it. Aligning your PR process and business objectives is a good start. A public relations strategy is a systematic, planned process of messaging and media outreach. Are you thinking, “We need press” or “It’s time to send out press releases?” […]

Public Relations Basics: The Segment Query

There seem to be an awful lot of people able to speak about their products and ideas on TV and radio. Have you ever wondered how people like authors, clothing designers or even hobbyists get a spot? It’s one of many public relations basics we will explore in this blog. Specifically, a PR aspect known […]

Press Release Distribution: 5 Things You Need to Know

Once your press release is written, it must be distributed. As I’ve discovered from conversations with clients, there is a lot of interest and misunderstanding regarding press release distribution. Vendors often hype it and, in many cases, promote the process in misleading ways. To navigate through press release distribution, it helps to become well-educated. In […]

Startup Public Relations: 5 Things to Know

FYI: This post is based on a video we just did, so if you’re the TL/DR type, just click here.   Getting press can be challenging for any startup. Despite how enthusiastic you are about your company, the market may be more excited about the high rollers. But with a little time, you can figure […]

A Day in the Life of a Public Relations Executive

A Day in the Life of a Public Relations Executive

What do you do all day if you are a public relations executive? Is your role simply to generate publicity and communicate to the media about a person or business? Well, there’s more to it than that. In this article, we will explore a day in the life of a public relations executive.   Check […]

Press Release Writing in 2022: 5 Ways That Press Releases Will Grow Your Business

For anyone launching a new business, or who wants to grow and increase web traffic, it is important to understand the importance of press release writing in 2022. Whether you write a press release yourself or use press release services and press release distribution, the important thing is for the world to get to know […]