Press Release Examples

This video takes you through press release examples. These include examples of a press release announcing an event, a press release announcing a personal achievement, a press release announcing a crowdfunding campaign, a press release for a class, a press release for a new product, a press release for a book launch and an example […]

How Can My Business Benefit from Press Releases?

How Can My Business Benefit from Press Releases? | Comms Factory

From mom-and-pop companies to corporations, and every type of business in between, including start-ups and even writers and other artists interested in publicizing their works, Comms Factory provides a range of public relations and content marketing services for them. One of the most effective communications tools we’ve provided on behalf of businesses is the press […]

Getting to Success with the Public Relations Pitch

A recent study of Muck Rack’s Public Relations Management (PRM) Platform can be described simply as PR gold. Its findings are enlightening and counterintuitive. They can save time and handwringing. Best of all, the PR Pro equipped with these facts and stats is sure to impress a boss or two. You can throw your preconceived […]

Business Exponential: Spreading the Word about Getting Paid in Full

Nina L. Kaufman, Esq., an award-winning attorney and an SBA Small Business Champion, is Founder/CEO of Business Exponential, a consultancy that offers tools, resources and programs for entrepreneurs and small businesses. One of her most recent offerings is a program called Keep 100% of Your Fee. This toolkit empowers knowledge professionals to get paid in […]

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