How to Distribute a Press Release

Press release distribution is a confusing topic for many people. And, why would anyone outside the PR field know how to distribute a press release, anyway? It’s not that complicated, really, and in this video I show you how you can distribute a press release yourself. I show the example of EIN Press Wire, a […]

How to Get PR for Your Small Business (without hiring a PR firm)

Time was, you had to retain a public relations (PR) firm for $15,000 a month if you wanted to get PR for your small business. This is no longer the case, for many reasons. Today, you can do most or all of your own PR. This video explains how to do it. You may need […]

How To Do Public Relations

This video discusses how to do #publicrelations. It covers the all-important topic of aligning PR to business goals. It also asks relevant questions like, “Do you actually need public relations?” and if so, how much? It deals with your responsibilities for PR vs. those of the agency, and more. Photo credits Photo by Pixabay: […]

How to Localize Your Press Releases for Different Geographical Markets

Distributing a press release internationally can help spread the word about your company or products across borders. However, directly translating a release may not resonate well in all markets. To be effective, press releases need to be localized to align with the culture, preferences, and media landscape of each target country.   Follow these steps […]

Public Relations Examples

People ask, can you show some examples of #publicrelations. Yes, this video offers some #publicrelationsexamples. I share examples of public relations that include press releases, product public relations, celebrity public relations, and crisis public relations. It’s not an exhaustive list, of course. There are thousands of examples, but my goal is to give you a […]

Marketing & PR

This video looks at the relationship between #marketing and #publicrelations (marketing PR). The two disciplines are related and often overlap. In general, PR supports marketing by helping customers become aware of products and services—and then moving them from awareness to consideration and finally preference and purchase. In this way, public relations helps drives the buyer’s […]

How to Measure the Success of Your Press Release Campaigns

Sending out press releases is a common public relations tactic used by businesses, organizations and individuals to get media coverage and promote news. But how can you tell if your press release campaign is successful?   Here are some tips for measuring the impact and results of your press releases:   Track Media Pickup and […]

What Is Press Release Submission?

What Is Press Release Submission? #PressReleaseSubmission I get asked this question quite a lot, so I thought I would create a short video to explain what press release submission is, and how it contrasts with #pressreleasedistribution or syndication. There is significant confusion around this question. Press release submission is also known as media outreach, which […]

What Is Public Relations?

What is public relations? It’s a simple question, with a slightly complicated answer. This video tries to answer it. We look at the purpose of PR, as well as the forces that make PR work difficult. Photo credits: Photo by cottonbro studio: Photo by Terje Sollie: Photo by Lisa Fotios: Photo by […]

The Importance of Headlines in Press Releases: How to Make Yours Stand Out

The headline is one of the most important parts of a press release. It’s often the first thing journalists and readers see, so you need to make it count. An effective headline grabs attention and succinctly conveys the main message of your release.   When writing headlines for press releases, keep these tips in mind: […]