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How Can My Business Benefit from Press Releases?

From mom-and-pop companies to corporations, and every type of business in between, including start-ups and even writers and other artists interested in publicizing their works, Comms Factory provides a range of public relations and content marketing services for them.

One of the most effective communications tools we’ve provided on behalf of businesses is the press release. Comms Factory has penned thousands of press releases written in such a way to get the attention of the media, which has proven to help these businesses attract customers and boost sales. We are masters of the art of press release writing, putting us among the ranks of the best press release services.

There are many ways that press releases have proven to serve as a successful communications tool. Here are 10 ways your business can benefit from a press release:

  1. They generate leads
  2. They bolster a business’s credibility
  3. They improve search engine rankings
  4. They establish a media ecosystem
  5. They execute marketing without being overly “salesy”
  6. They help business grow on social media
  7. They help business owners establish themselves as thought leaders
  8. They help build relationships with reporters
  9. They enhance a business’s content marketing strategy
  10. They create sales air cover

Let’s look at each of these in a bit more detail.

Press releases generate leads and get new business when visitors click on their embedded links. At your website, prompted by interest in the press release, visitors often will register as a lead or contact your sales department.

Another benefit of a press release is that it bolsters your company’s credibility when it is picked up in the press or used as a basis for a story. This demonstrates that an independent authority determined that your business is considered newsworthy and worthwhile to write about by the media. Media coverage also establishes your company as one worth doing business with.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, can be enhanced by press releases, whether your business is a local or national concern. Press release distribution (which is another Comms Factory area of expertise) puts your releases onto hundreds of websites around the world, which creates backlinks. If your press release is picked up by high-authority publications, it creates strong authority for your website, as well, which results in a rise in search engine listings. In turn, this increases the likelihood of your website being found in searches.

The media ecosystem that you can establish with a press release is a group of publications and media outlets that cover your industry and your kind of business. And a press release is a great way to reach out and connect with reporters who cover your category of business or industry. Over time, you can develop relationships with reporters for a continuous flow of stories.

Face it: most people find advertising and other marketing techniques annoying. A press release is a great way to connect with potential customers or other influencers who can help your business grow without coming on too strong. People sometimes complain press releases are written in a flat style, and they’re right. A press release is meant to be understated because that’s a powerful way of landing your message with the right audiences without hitting them over the head with a sales message.

Posting press releases on social media is a wonderful tool because, when executed correctly, it provides a wonderful form of social currency. A good headline is bite sized and snackable for social media, but once it’s clicked on, the press release provides a lot more detail and takes people to your site. And, in synergistic fashion, as noted previously, an online press release that gets shared creates credibility and pushes traffic to your site, which creates leads.

Establishing yourself as a thought leader brings a competitive advantage to your business. An executive, company founder or author can assert expertise and thought leadership through a press release. You become a resource for reporters who will write about you or quote you in stories, thus establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry and as someone who should be listened to.

Public relations is built on relationships with reporters, which often begin with a press release. As with establishing yourself as a thought leader, a press release can introduce you to a reporter as a source of information. Once you become known to reporters, they’ll turn to you. You are there and they know you as opposed to a reporter having to find new sources; this is particularly true when a reporter is on deadline and needs to speak with someone ASAP.

The best press releases complement a company’s all important content marketing strategy. Content marketing can include blogs, guest articles and LinkedIn stories and press releases should be a part of that mix. It’s another way to get your message out about your business and, working in concert with other strategic messaging tools, it can be a vital component of a content marketing strategy.

Salespeople need resources when they are meeting with clients, and plenty of them. A thick packet of documents, media links and collateral material is like air cover. A press release itself can be part of that package. But the release, in conjunction with an article in a trade magazine it led to, and the credibility that it provides, as well as other press release-generated coverage, is a critical part of the sales toolkit.

These benefits of a press release, and the strategies that emanate from them, are just a part of Comms Factory’s broader portfolio of corporate communications services. The company also offers blog writing and other content marketing services from our experienced team of communications professionals, all of which contributes to making your business appear active and dynamic.

If you want Comms Factory’s help building your company’s growth through a press release and our distribution services, click here to book a free consultation. We also have a great course you can take to learn how to write an effective press release by clicking on this link.

Good luck and we hope to have an opportunity to work with you.


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