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Press Release Writing in 2022: 5 Ways That Press Releases Will Grow Your Business

For anyone launching a new business, or who wants to grow and increase web traffic, it is important to understand the importance of press release writing in 2022. Whether you write a press release yourself or use press release services and press release distribution, the important thing is for the world to get to know your brand. Your job is to give customers a reason to do business with you. Excellent press release writing will steer customers in your direction when you tell them your clear and concise story.


People ask, “Why should I write a press release?” I tell them, “It’s good for publicity, but that’s not really enough, right?” Remember, you can do your own press release writing and distribution or utilize professional press release services and press release distribution experts.


Writing a successful press release is a bit of an art form. There are rules to how press releases are written, and you made the decision to sub out your press release needs to experienced press release professions who can give you what you need with a quick turnaround, even within 24 hours.


There are at least 10 ways that press releases help your business grow. Here are the first five ways that press releases will grow your business:


1)         Generate leads

2)         Validate your credibility

3)         Improve your search engine rankings

4)         Roll out marketing without sounding like you are selling

5)         Establish a media ecosystem


1)         Press releases are a great way to capture new business. People read your press release online. They’ll click on the links you embed in the press release and they’re sent to your website. Ideally, new customers will register as a lead or contact your sales department.


2)         Press releases are a great way to establish that your business is credible in its category. By being picked up in the press, it shows that your company is worthwhile and you know what you’re doing. The media will write about you through legitimate media coverage, showing the public that you are someone worthy of doing business with.


3)         Press releases are good for search engine optimization (SEO) on a local or national basis. Sometimes people choose press release distribution in both local and national markets. This is done because press release distribution usually puts your press release out onto hundreds of websites around the world, which creates backlinks. If your press release is picked up by high-authority publications, the distribution creates legitimacy and validation for your website, as well as search ability. The press release becomes a discoverable link that will come up in search engine rankings for that term, assuming that other factors are present, but it’s definitely something to explore with your search engine person.


4)         Press releases are great for executing marketing strategies without sounding like you are selling. Most people don’t really like being marketed to. People say that it feels like advertising. This is why a press release is a great way to connect with potential customers or other influencers who can help your business grow without being pushy. Press release writing is better in a flat style because the information is actually meant to be understated, but is still a powerful way of landing your message with the right audiences without hitting them over the head with a sales message.



5)         The media ecosystem that you can establish with a press release is a group of publications that cover your industry and your sort of business. A professional press release is a great way to reach out and connect with reporters who cover your category. A media ecosystem is something to develop over the long term.


Choosing Comms Factory for press release writing and distribution is your absolute best choice to get your message and brand out to the world. We are experts and have written over 3,000 press releases for our customers. Not only that, our clients have been featured in some of the most important local, domestic and global publications, digital websites and all of the socials. We understand that you need to get your message out to the public and establish a strong presence in web searches.


Entrepreneurs find that hiring professionals to write press releases give them the best chance at notoriety and clicks. Hiring a company like Comms Factory is a great investment in both your business and your brand.


Comms Factory is a corporate communications resource for entrepreneurs of all kinds. We are a team of experienced corporate communications professionals that offers a range of public relations and content marketing services.


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