Press Release Writing Service - 300 Word Press Release


Press Release Writing Service - 300 Word Press Release


Look like a star with a professionally written, AP-style press release:

  • Perfect for press release distribution on services like PR News Wire and EIN Press Wire
  • Ideal for sharing with media outlets to get them interested in covering your story
  • Great to add to your website to show that you’re making news



  • Length: 300 words (You can add more words at checkout)
  • Format: Microsoft Word .docx
  • 3 business day turnaround (1-day rush service is available)
  • We can help you come up with ideas for what to announce
  • Includes up to two revisions


Let us write you a professional quality press release you can use to make your business famous. We’ve written thousands of press releases for entrepreneurs, authors, musicians, small business owners, non-profit organizations, crypto currency traders and more. Our press releases are written in the AP style, a format that is universally accepted by news organizations around the world.

A press release announces your news to the media, as well as to the general public, in a format that’s familiar to reporters. This is how you should want it. Your goal with a press release is to get reporters interested in writing about you or your business. Our press releases help make this happen with a credible, compelling presentation to members of the press.


When you order this service, you will get a press release that contains:

  • A powerful, attention-getting headline
  • A catchy, supporting sub-headline
  • An effective “Lede” paragraph that quickly answers the standard journalist questions of “who, what, when, where, and why?”
  • An engaging executive quote
  • Detailed supporting paragraphs that flesh out your story and support your main message


How the process works:

  • After you place the order, you will be taken to an online form which asks you for information about yourself and the news announcement you will be making with the press release.
  • If we have questions, we will contact you email for clarifications. If necessary, we may talk on the phone.
  • We write a draft press release and email it to you for your review
  • If you have feedback, we will revise the press release up to two times to meet your requirements
  • The press release is delivered to you in Microsoft Word .docx format
  • We deliver within 3 business days
  • 1-day rush service is available Monday to Friday


Why 300 words? We have had many conversations with clients about how long a press release should be. In reality, few press releases are improved by adding more words. Opinions vary, but a press release can be as short as 150 words, though most distributors require at least 200. Search engine experts may want higher word counts. In general, though, 300 words, which is about the length of a single page in Microsoft Word, is perfectly adequate for almost all news announcements.

We offer a 500-word press release, along with the ability to add as many words as you want as an option at checkout. We have written press releases as long as 1,600 words. However, unless SEO is part of your press release strategy, longer press releases are usually suitable only for multi-party announcements, such the launch of multiple products at the same time. Or, they are used by very large companies announcing mergers and so forth. Otherwise, shorter is better, in our view.

We may create multiple sections in your press release. This will depend on your news. For example, it may make sense to have a section titled “How this product got invented” and one called “How customers are reacting.”

4 reviews for Press Release Writing Service – 300 Word Press Release

  1. Max B.

    These people know what they’re doing. I was really pleased with the press release they wrote for me.

  2. immran

    Perfect press release just like the way I expected it…

  3. Sally W., Ireland

    very amiable and ensures he has all the right information to write a good press release. would recommend!

  4. Yafees Sarwar (verified owner)

    I’ve been working with Hugh and his team for over 5 years and they didn’t disappoint once. Will highly recommend his services.

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