Media Pitch Email

Media Pitch Email


Get reporters to pay attention to your story with our media pitch—a short email message that cuts through the noise and puts you in the media spotlight.


Reporters get flooded with requests for interviews and coverage. Our short-but-sweet media pitch email cuts through the noise and gets you noticed. The media pitch includes:

  • A killer, attention-getting subject line
  • A “who/what/why” hook that makes reporters want to talk to you
  • A 150-200 word email message that tells your story, punches through and highlights why your story is newsworthy


A media pitch email works well as a companion to a press release. They can be emailed together to a reporter in a single message. The pitch encourages the reporter to scroll down and read your press release.


A media pitch also works on a standalone basis. This is known as a “Media Alert,” which is ideal for announcing events, public appearances, comments on major news stories and so forth.


Turnaround time: 2-3 business days.


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