Media Outreach Service


Media Outreach Service


Let us contact the media on your behalf. Acting as your publicist team, we craft a press release, a media “pitch” email for you and send them to a custom-researched list of reporters. We can usually find reporters and producers who cover your type of news.

The service includes:

  • A 300-word press release
  • A 150+ word media “pitch” email designed to interest reporters in your story
  • Custom-research to create a list of 100+ reporters and producers who might be interested in your story—or working with you as a source for their reporting
  • Sending your press release and pitch to the reporters and producers on that list

The process takes up to 7 days. You will get to review and approve the press release and pitch email. Once you have approved the press release and media pitch message, we will send them to the reporters on the contact list. If they are interested in covering your news or speaking with you, we will forward you their replies.

We often get asked, “How is this gig different from press release distribution?” Good question. In press release distribution, such as the service we offer through EIN Press Wire, your press release gets automatically syndicated out to about 150 news sites. That’s great, but it’s not the same as having a real reporter actually write an article about you. That’s what this service is all about. We try to get members of the press to write about you or feature you on TV or radio. If you want to be covered in the media, you will need to do media outreach, whether you work with us or not.

Here are some examples of media coverage we have gotten for our clients with this service:

One really important point we want to highlight: We cannot guarantee any specific result for this gig. It is possible that we will do this work and no reporters will be interested in covering your news. If you order the gig, you must have this understanding. For this reason, we may actually tell you not to order the service.

To contact us about media outreach service, send us an email at


PLEASE CONTACT US BEFORE ORDERING THIS SERVICE. It can be quite challenging to get media coverage, so we don’t want to waste your time or money and end up disappointing you. If we don’t think we can help you, we will tell you so. This will save us both a lot of aggravation.

This service is for a professional public relations media outreach service. We will be your publicists. We will write an industry-standard press release and media pitch email cover letter. We will then research the world-class Muck Rack reporter database and prepare a customized media contact list that’s uniquely suited to your story.

Once you have approved the press release and pitch, we will submit them to the media list via email. We will report back to you the results. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE MEDIA INTEREST, but this gig will present you to established reporters from major media outlets in a professional manner.

If reporters are interested in talking to you, we will set up an introduction.

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