SEO Press Release Distribution - SPECIAL OFFER


SEO Press Release Distribution - SPECIAL OFFER


Get backlinks, boost your search rankings and build brands with our proven SEO press release distribution service. We syndicate your press release using EIN Press Wire, which automatically publishes your press release on over 150 media sites. You get 3 embedded backlinks, a “For more information” backlink and an embedded photo.



Limit 1 per customer

Press release syndication gets you backlinks, makes your product more easily discoverable on search engines and helps build your brand by spreading your story around the globe.

This service is for distribution only. It’s for customers who already have a press release. If you need a press release written, see

Here’s how it works:

  • You provide us with a press release for distribution. (Or, we write it for you. See our Press Release Writing service.) We may edit your press release to get it ready for distribution. Once you give us your approval for distribution, we will syndicate it out to over 200 media sites around the world.
  • You get:
      • 3 URLs embedded in the body of the press release
      • 1 “For more information” URL
      • Email “Contact Us” link (Actual email address not shown in press release)
      • 1 image embedded in the press release
      • A distribution report that lists all the media sites that have picked up your press release in syndication


Turnaround time: 2-3 business days.



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